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7-1-10-The owner and lead photographer at Xanadu was just offered by National Geographic to shoot stock photography for them. This surprise came two years after her first trip with Nat Geo to the Galapagos.

6-25-10-I just found out today that we will be working with The Sierra Club to redesign and streamline part of their website. It is an added honor that The Sierra Club aligns with our beliefs at Xanadu of environmental consciousness.

4-25-10-We are currently reinvention our entire image. A complete overhaul of our website, business cards, and identity is in order. Check back for our more current projects!

Xanadu Graphics started as a small home-based graphic design company located in the New York City that began in St. Petersburg, FL and has grown to incorporate clients in Florida, New York, and New Jersey and to sub-contract to various high end programmers for more technical aspects of publishing and web design. Through this growth the company has maintained the same one-on-one contact with its clients and personal attention to detail.

In our move to New York City, Xanadu began to employ photographers who specialize in product, real estate, architectural, and nature photography to name just a few areas. These talented individuals are also skilled photo-retouchers. Take a moment to see some of our work on the National Geographic website here.

In 2007, Xanadu branched out to incorporate other aspects of the computer field such as education and repairs with the beginning of Computer Everything!

In the future, we hope to serve all your graphic design and photography needs as well as be the first place you look for education and repairs.

To see some reviews of our company on LinkedIn, please click here.

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