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SEO is so new, most small companies are trying to figure out how this new web technology will work for their business. A majority of businesses feel that they are "the little guy" and there is no need to try and compete with larger companies.

A recent client is a perfect example of how this new field is benefiting small businesses.

Slavica Trans came to us as a new company. They were just starting out, had no domain or web presence, and just opened shop and were hungry for clients. Beginning in January 2010, we began construction of their site and concurrently built an expansive and exhaustive Internet marketing campaign that included SEO, social media marketing, web placement, and advertising. In three short months, this start up business went from just opening shop to an income in the five-figure range and clients from all over Europe as well as the US. For four months, we implemented SEO and each month their website traffic doubled and sometimes tripled.

This is just one example of how SEO in combination with marketing can help the small business as well as larger ones.

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